Delayed GOT Season 8 Filming – Important Wedding Is Coming - By nadineAmanduh

Delayed GOT Season 8 Filming – Important Wedding Is Coming

Big fans of the HBO series GOT (Game Of Thrones) may already know that the resume of its new season is set on year 2019. The filming of final season is facing a delay due to the newly engaged stars Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie. We may also know Jon Snow as the King of the North in the series and Rose Leslie as his beloved beautiful wildling from the first season.

Delayed GOT Season 8 Filming – Important Wedding Is Coming - By NadineAmanduhDelayed GOT Season 8 Filming - By NadineAmanduh


Important Wedding is coming…


The GOT’s off-screen couple’s wedding will be a colossal event. To a point that its set to bring the GOT Season 8 (and Final season 🙁 ) to a complete halt. Since perhaps more than half of the guests will be coming from the show. Imagine that the wedding is highly important that the filming will have totally stop for a short while. This is bad news for GOT fans our there but good news for this GOT couple (definitely!)

During an interview with Jonathan Ross, Kit Harrington said “I rang [the producer] up and I said, “I’m getting married and it’s your fault actually.” I think for the final season he is so stressed that he’s reached that peaceful level.” GOT’s Jon Snow reportedly told producer David Benioff (or Dan Weiss) that they obviously wanted the whole Game of Thrones family at the wedding.

I honestly think that the wedding event shouldn’t take that long for the whole cast not to film. But of course its the preparation for the day that will actually take time. I am definitely sure that this will be an enormous and great wedding as long as they wouldn’t invite Walder Frey – No Red weddings allowed (Of course I’m kidding!)

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