Day Job As An Executive Assistant- By NadineAmanduh

My Day Job As An Executive Assistant

For those of you who don’t know me (yet) I am not a full-time blogger. This blog is creative outlet and I’m really looking forward to monetize it someday. What is my current or regular day job? I’m actually an Executive Assistant to a “big boss” in a Multi-National BPO company. I’ve been with this company for more than 5 years now. But if I were to sum up the first time I worked for this company way back 2009 to 2011, that makes it about 8 years.

Day Job As An Executive Assistant- By NadineAmanduh

A bit of my working history. When I was in 4th year college I started to get side jobs like modeling for an event or photo shoots. I really didn’t make that much but not too bad for a side job while in college. I was able to maintain that side job until I got a regular job. After I graduated from college, I started working part-time in a BPO company then moved working full-time on a different BPO company (which is the company where I’m currently working now).  Then resigned and applied for another BPO company while looking for opportunities being a flight attendant (but no luck).

So basically I’ve been a Tech Support Representative in the BPO industry for like 5 or 6 years then got promoted to do Customer Experience and Quality stuff then I finally got a job as an Executive Assistant. I’ve been working on this job for about 7 months now, including my on-boarding phase.

Morning Routine on my day job

This is completely different from taking calls and doing quality stuff on my previous job. I like it that my schedule is flexible but I still like going to work early. When I’m in our house I wake up between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM (latest). Then leave between 4:30 and 4:45. I usually arrive between 5:30 AM, latest is 6:00 AM. I’m just like that. I have no issues waking up early for work. Such a morning person. My desk pretty much looks like this

My Day Job As An Executive Assistant

I pretty much start my day checking my emails and my tracker for reports. I greet my boss through viber. This is my way to let him know I’m in the office and if he needs anything from me I’m already available. Going back to my emails, I always to a calendar check then align my tasks for the day. And sometimes for the week. I prefer to  have a visibility of what needs to be done for the day and highlight those of that I have accomplished. Once I’ve aligned it. I go and buy breakfast for takeout eat inside my office. I call it “The Warehouse”. Because most people put stuff in the office for storage purposes. And I just don’t like calling it “my office”. For me it sounds like an entitlement whereas I’m only borrowing it.

Morning View

I recall mentioning that I live about 20 Km away from home to where I work. The travel is really part of any day job I guess. But I don’t want to discuss the nitty-gritty of my travel to my day job. Just want to show you guys a view from the warehouse

My Day Job As An Executive Assistant

How is it to be in this day job

Being an Executive Assistant to one of the big bosses in this company gets you closer to those of who are on the executive level and the direct reports of your boss. This means I must be professional and presentable as much as possible. Before when I was in my previous job we adhere to a dress code like Mondays are business casuals, Tuesday onward are casual. But on this new role, I prefer to be in business or semi-business casual Monday to Thursday and be in casual clothes come Friday. You wouldn’t know if there will be important client visits. At least I am presentable. I like leaving my trench coat in the warehouse for cover up purposes too or in case I am not dressed well enough.

Lifechanging quote | My Day Job - By NadineAmanduh

Rapport and Camaraderie

You also have to build rapport and camaraderie within the team and outside the team. There are several departments in this industry and its a must that you know someone who is the point of contact of each department to help you out better if you need anything. I just don’t keep them in mind, but keep it in writing for better reference. In case some people would ask me, I know to whom or what department I should refer them.

Booking travels. My boss travels a lot. Like one to two times in a month or two. Processing request require lots of information from him. So I make sure I keep a record of his personal and office requirements. Like a profile that I can refer to so it would be a more convenient in processing stuff for travel. Including passports, Visas, application forms and etc. It is important that I also know how to search for flights within his preference.

A must: Confidentiality

Another important thing in this job is confidentiality. I mentioned earlier that I keep personal stuff. If you’re in this kind of job like I do, It’s a must that you know how to keep stuff all by yourself and not divulging it to anyone else even to the team. Stuff like about family information, money, and etc.

I am always being asked if its difficult to be in this job. I would always answer it depends on you. Difficulty in a job should be accepted as challenges, these are what molds you to make you better at what you do. For now I just do what I can and try to be good at what I do. Even in simple tasks. I don’t like doing tasks just for the sake of doing it, I’m also concerned of the quality of work that I do in my job. Though there are really instances that I cannot understand what needs to be done. What I do is ask. I will be helpless if I don’t.

Oops, and another thing that I like is I can take selfies and easily get in touch with my family since I can bring my mobile phone and I have a landline available in the warehouse

My Day Job As An Executive Assistant

I may have not gone into full detail about my job. But I would love to answer if you have any questions. Just leave your comments below or contact me here, and let me know if you have any requests that you’d like to read here on the blog too! Thanks for reading! 😉

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