Dare You To Move - Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving Out - By NadineAmanduh

Dare You To Move – Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving Out

Today’s blog is about when to move out (from your home). In some countries, it’s some how obligatory (perhaps) to move out from your parents house when you turn 18 to start that adulting life out there. Here in the Philippines it rarely happens that you move out from your parents’ house. I’m one of those adults actually who still lives with my parents (in my case parent. I live with my dad and my daughter).

Dare You To Move - Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving Out - By NadineAmanduh

I’ve posted today a few questions that you need to think deeply and assess your capabilities well before you move out from your house. It sounds simple at first if you have a job and the thought of freedom is kinda exciting for some. But moving out carries a lot of responsibilities and the weight of each responsibility depends on a person’s mindset and determination.

Can I Afford It?

Moving out is never easy but it does make a person tough with all those responsibilities and the experience that comes along with it. But there are a lot of things to consider especially on the financial side. You need to ask yourself is you really can afford it? I suggest assess your expenses for yourself alone. Your food, fare, bills and include an emergency fund. It’s best if you have something extra. In this scenario, you wouldn’t know how much money is enough. If you got those lined up and you’re able to answer YES. Then… We’re not yet done. There are other factors to consider too 🙂

How Will My Family Be Affected?

If you’ve lived with your family your whole life and have a strong bond with them it’s kinda difficult if you’re gonna move out all of a sudden. And that’s not the only major factor. You need to consider your parents and siblings. DO they depend on you? Are your family members capable of doing things on their own? I know you want a have your own responsibilities and to be free but how about them? This is a major factor for consideration. Think about it. IF they’re good without you then continue your moving out plan.

Does the Community Address My Key Needs?

You need to research your new address’ proximity to the areas where you always need to be. Like your work place, the grocery store, hospital. And other basics. If you’re too far away from the those mentioned, it might take a toll on your budget.

How much change in my current lifestyle does it require?

If you spend a lot for your current lifestyle, is your moving out plan gonna change it? Are there things that you need to downgrade or cut down? If there are things that you need to cut down, how willing are you  to do it? Another important thing here is the capability of sticking to your budget and the only required stuff for your new lifestyle.

Have I saved up enough money to move out?

Enough money meaning, you should have the means on buying your new home stuff and rent for at least the first 2 months. Just want to share the article: How Much Money Should I Save before Moving Out. This should give you a breakdown on how to fully check if you’ve saved enough money

Can I organize and execute my move on my own?

Of course we can’t remove the fact that you are indeed capable of organizing stuff for yourself. But honestly you might still need help. There’s no shame in admitting that you need help in moving out. Like hiring the right people to help you move out or simply a help from your family and friends.

How can I guarantee my safety and that of my family?

This somehow falls together with the questions if the community address your key needs. Safety and security is very important. Research very well about your new community and its best if you can reach easily the police, the firestation and the hospital. Also a friend nearby would be better and family.

Who’s going to help me pack?

Well besides yourself? It could be a a friend or a family member. This one’s actually easy and the least of your concern. A piece of advise. Consult your mom. I’m pretty sure she’ll be packing everything you need. Actually in excess of what you really need. You know moms.

Do you know anyone who lives in that community?

Again, this falls to a few questions stated above. About guaranteeing your safety and  addressing your key needs. It’s best of you have someone, especially a friend available nearby that you can contact.

How about the distance from my workplace?

You wouldn’t want to be moving out if you’re too far away from your workplace for the sake of independence right? Because remember, it will affect your budget too. Just an advice

What am I going to gain if I move out?

Of course experience. The independence, knowledge and etc. It will give a different perspective in life. The gain that you can actually get here honestly is not financially. But who knows? You might get a promotion or start a small business when you’ve moved out.

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