App of the week: ColorStory

Recently, I’ve been fond of photo editing apps. Last week I blogged PicsArt (Click here to read App of the week: PicsArt) as one of my favorite apps.

And for this week it’s another photo editing app which is called ColorStory.

The difference of ColorStory from other apps with presets or filters is that users can save a certain sets of filter, effects & any photo adjustments that you used on one photo then use it on the next photo that you wanted to edit. Cool right?!

App of the week: ColorStory.

I’ve tried editing few photos using ColorStory app from my camera roll as shown below and I’m still on the experimental stage of using this photo editing app.

The only downside of ColorStory is that this app has lots of nice filters and effects that you need to purchase. There are only 3 free filter sets that you can get. Which are: Essentials, Good Vibes and the  Starter.
Used Color Fog 2 Effect + Flip
Used Color Fog 1 Effect + Flip

I recommend ColorStory app for starters. Use it to instantly to put a cool filter plus effects on your pictures & upload that an Instagram worthy photo.

I wanted to apologize for those “3rd party hosting” images via photobucket that you see. I am a long time user of Photobucket for my photos. They just decided to charge customers who wanted to continue using their service. Anyway!

There you have it guys! What photo editing apps do you have on your mobile phone?
Let me know in the comments below and contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too!
Thanks for reading! 😉

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