Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girls In Your Life - By NadineAmanduh

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girls In Your Life

Christmas is coming. And its good to celebrate if we have everything planned ahead of time. Like buying gifts for your loved ones. But on today’s blog I would like to share gift ideas for the girls in your life.

We just have to admit that it’s a lot easier to give gifts to girls than to give gifts to guys. Just my own opinion.  Especially to our mother, sister, our girlfriends and etc. On this gift giving season I would like to share some ideas on what to give to your favorite girls with your own personal touch. What you wanted them to remember that”hey, this came from…” you. And you made it extra special.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls - By Nadineamanduh

You don’t have to have a really big budget. Since it’s the holiday season, I’m sure there are a lot of stuff out there that are on sale but don’t fret. Sometimes the problem of gift giving is we worry if the one who you’ll be giving it to will like it. And we also limit ourselves to one particular stuff to give. So here we go.

“Pamper me” Gift Basket 1

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girls In Your Life - By NadineAmanduh

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girls In Your Life - By NadineAmanduh

I remember 2 years ago I hosted a small post-Christmas party with my highschool friends in our house. And I gave them pamper stuff like nail polish, cologne, and a lotion wrapped all together. What you can do is you can list some pampering stuff like the ones below:

-Face Mask

-Facial wash in sachet

-Facial Moisturizer (in sachet too)

-Nail Polish


It’s up to you if you’ll purchase them all or if you prefer adding other stuff like body wash or body spray. But the key here is that each gift should be pocket-size for everything to fit easily on your basket. now for the basket it doesn’t have to be necessarily a woven basket or plastic containers. You can make your own box. Wrap it on a pretty gift wrapper and there. You can also add a bright-colored Japanese paper inside the  box before you can put your gifts there. Another TIP: You can  tape each gift to the bottom and with each other so it presents nicely. 🙂

“Pamper me” Gift Basket 2

Same concept of the “pamper me” gift basket 1. But this time my suggestions are the following items:

-A cute mug

-Tea bag (can be lavender or chamomile tea. you can give a box of it or just a few pieces)

-Scented candle

-Aroma oil (for the body)

So those are a few. You can include a body wash or a bubble bath bottle in it too. I’m pretty sure your girlfriends will also love this gift idea!

Planner Kit

Here in the Philippines. Almost everyone is sucker for the Starbucks Planner. You can claim one planner by collecting around 17-18 stickers. So since Christmas is just a few days from starting another year, Planners are a good idea. But with a twist! You don’t have to splurge your money on nicely designed planners whereas you can buy those simple notebook type ones. Here’s what you can include on your planner kit:

-Planner (for next year)

-Colorful gel pens

-Washi tapes


-Post its

Most girls love crafting stuff and they can do that with a planner. A quick TIP: You can use the post it and jot down the birthday of your friends and special occasion and stick it inside the planner. Include your Christmas greeting there as well. 🙂

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girls In Your Life - By NadineAmanduh

Coffee Lovers Basket

This is perfect for all the coffee lovers out there. What you can include on this gift basket are:

-Coffee (in a pack or a jar will do)

-A Coffee creamer

-Coffee stirrers (or plastic teaspoons will do)

-Cute coffee paper cups


You can pack all of these in the basket. You can get some basket wrapping tips on youtube. I suggest that you watch those videos first prior to buying your materials and gifts.

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girls In Your Life - By NadineAmanduh

And there you have it. I’m pretty sure these unique gifts  will be a simple surprise for your favorite girls. I personally suggest the pamper gift baskets for your group of friends if you’re in a budget. You can also opt for a planner kit if you’re planning to gift it to girls in their teenage years up to their 20s. While the coffee lovers basket and pamper me gift basket 2 goes well for moms.

Did I miss anything? Let me know if you like these gift ideas. Leave your comments below and you can also contact me here, and let me know what other posts would you like to read here on my blog too. Don’t forget to share this article if you liked it. Thanks for reading! 😉

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