The Brow Lounge experience

What’s up guys! Today I decided to have my eye brows professionally groomed care of the Brow Lounge Eye brow grooming and waxing salon.

The Brow Lounge Experience

The Brow Lounge experience.

Well this is not actually my first time to go to this salon. The first service that I had with them was for my eye lash extensions. I suggest you should try it too if you’re too lazy to put some mascara on a daily basis or just to have a woke up like this lashes. Anyway, the photos below shows how messy my eye brows are. The first photo is without makeup and the photo below it is with makeup.

image image
For me, it’s the eye brows that actually frames the upper portion of your face and it’s really important for me to have nice eye brows. I ensure I groom it on my own through tweezing or shaving or sometimes even cutting and a well-done makeup should do the trick. Today I decided to have it groomed and shaped.

The salon is kinda small. But I love how they accentuated their walls it with eye brow empowering messages (yeah that’s what I call it!)

The Brow Lounge Experience image

I have to be honest. There’s a slight sting during eye brow threading. Don’t worry this is normal and tolerable. Our eye brow expert even shares that they are actually using an organic thread (well that sounded extra safe for me). Nowadays, people are drawn into organic or natural. As it sounds harmless and healthy.

After grooming

Photo on the top with mi professionally groomed brows. My eyebrows are uneven as per the expert who did my eye brows. My right eyebrow is thicker & nicely shaped. The left eye brow is shapeless. The expert explained she had to leave stray hairs. As it has some catching up to do with the right eyebrow.

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Right eye brow on fleek!
Eye brows after grooming without makeup
Eye brows after grooming without makeup

Sorry guys! I am just too excited to remove my makeup every time I get home. On the photo above,  you’ll notice the unevenness of my eye brows. Good to know: you’re not actually allowed to wet your eye brow area for 4 hours after grooming as told by our eye brow expert.

My feedback

I actually find the service that I received from Brow Lounge (Fairview Terraces branch) very satisfactory. I’ll definitely come back. The grooming and shaping session is just 10-15 minutes and in that span of time, the eye brow expert who took care of my brows was able to establish rapport with me. Like telling me how should I take care of my brows, how am I going to maintain it, the uneveness of my brows (yeah I like to highlight that part). I highly recommend Brow Lounge and I’m so happy that they have a branch nearby from where I live! Yey!

If you girls (and guys!) want to know more about their services and the branches near you, I actually linked their Facebook page below and an actual Instagram link. Thanks guys for reading! 😉

click the image for link

Follow them on instagram: @BrowLoungePH

Where do you get your eye brows or eye lashes done?
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