Breakout: Why Is Your Skin Breaking Out (And some ways to stop it) - By NadineAmanduh

Breakout: Why Is Your Skin Breaking Out (And some ways to stop it)

First thing’s first. A breakout occurs when sebaceous glands, or oil glands, become clogged and infected, leading to swollen, red lesions filled with pus. Yuck, right? But it does happen. A pimple, zit, acne, or this breakout. It usually happens in puberty. But guess what, it also happens at any age.

So what clogs the pores anyway? The culprit is sebum and dead skin cells. Sometimes, dead skin cells are not shed. They remain in the pores and get stuck together by the sticky sebum, causing a blockage in the pore. More blockage on the pore can cause pores to enlarge. But I’m not going through that since you can read it on one my posts: How To Make Your Pores Look Smaller.

Breaking the facts on breakouts

These breakouts range in severity. It can start as minor as blackheads even up to cysts. It all happens when the sebaceous glands become active, dead skin cells clog pores. As most of us know, acne often occur in adolescence, but it can affect people at any age.

I’m breaking it out to you that there is not enough evidence to confirm that any particular food causes acne, but if you follow a healthy diet may reduce the risk of course. Also, Researchers have found a link between acne and testosterone. The higher testosterone levels and other androgen, the more it triggers greater activity in the sebaceous glands, resulting in more clogged pores and higher chance of acne.

What are the other breakout factors?

1.Your soap is stripping essential oils and normal flora of your skin.

There’s an ongoing misconception that oil leads to breakouts. Where in fact oils and good bacteria on the surface of your skin help to keep it moisturized, healthy, and balanced. If you totally strip these things with harsh soaps, you might end up with dry and acne-prone skin.

Some soaps even formulated for your face have harsh chemicals on them that thoroughly removes the dirt including good oil and bacteria on your skin. It’s good to have squeaky clean skin but not to the extent of removing what’s essential for the skin.

It’s good to use skin care products that has no harsh chemicals like Hello! Naturals that is natural and cruelty-free. Their facial wash formulated for all skin types that cleans and helps maintain your skin’s natural balance. It comes in Milk and Honey Facial Wash and Tea Tree Facial Wash.

2.You’re letting sweat sit on your skin.

I have to admit I am guilty of this. Especially when I workout or do general house cleaning. Sweat can start attracting dirt and it can clog your freshly opened pores.

Yes it happens! Sweat and dirt is a tandem. If your face is all sweat, don’t forget to wipe it off with a tissue or better yet wash your face with water and a mild cleanser like: Hello! Naturals Milk & Honey Facial Wash.

3.You don’t exfoliate.

As we all know, exfoliate applies  automatically to dead skin cells. Since these cells are “dead”. They’re not gonna move girl. It linger around longer than it should. Though our skin constantly creates new cells and shed old ones, if there is interference like excess oil, makeup, dirt and etc. The natural process of regenerating cells may not go as smoothly. That is why it’s important to exfoliate. I personally like exfoliating with extra virgin olive oil with brown sugar. I lather it on my face and rinse it with a mild facial wash afterwards. I dare you to try. And feel the results for yourselves.

4.You are stressed.

You may commonly hear it but this is true. When a person is stressed, it increases cortisol levels which can cause inflammation because of an imbalance in hormones. Plus! The excess sugar in the body. Combine them all and the result — breakout!


Don’t let stress get in the way of your skin care routine too. After a day’s work, wash your face with a mild cleanser that retains your skin’s natural balance like Hello! Naturals Facial Wash, and its also a must to tone your face. I like Hello! Naturals Face Toner that comes in: Cucumber Aloe, Purifying Lemon, and Healing Witch Hazel too. (Plus it doubles as a face mist too. Check it out here). Don’t forget to moisturize and destress with Hello! Naturals Face Oil + Serum to— It comes in Anti-Aging + Collagen and Illuminating & Repairing. I love it because it is infused with essential oils that is nutritious for the skin plus it helps you relax. And don’t forget to layer it with moisturizer too. Hello! Naturals Face Cream is a goodie for the skin too and it comes in anti-aging and glutathione. 🙂

I hope you liked this article. Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below. You can also contact me here. Thanks for reading! 😉

Breakout: Why Is Your Skin Breaking Out (And some ways to stop it) - By NadineAmanduh

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