Blogging Tools That I Am Currently Using - by nadineAmanduh

Blogging Tools That I Am Currently Using

I’ve started blogging since 3rd year high school. For me it’s an outlet for my thoughts and creativeness. I really didn’t have any thoughts of monetizing it. I’m just blogging as a hobby and sharing it with my friends who are into blogs too.

This website is my first ever domain. I started this last August 2016, but pretty much got lazy after a few months (wish I hadn’t).  Well I think I just got a bit overwhelmed and gave up easily because there’s just so much that you need to learn when you really wanted to take you blog to a professional level and somehow monetize it. Today I’ll be sharing the online tools (eg. Apps, Plugins, Social Media) that I use for blogging.

Blogging Tools That I Am Currently Using - by nadineAmanduh


WordPress is the most popular (ever) Content Management System used by millions of websites. In short, this is the mother of all blogging tool. Like this blog of mine, its powered by wordpress. You can read a step by step instruction here.


GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar and webhosting company. I’ve been blogging with the help of GoDaddy for more than a year now. At first I have to pay around PHP 500 (USD $10) then I got to use it for the whole year. Don’t be shocked when they charge you like four times the price due to its inclusion. I am honestly not an expert in explaining these things. So there.

3.Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin is within wordpress that manages Search Engine Optimization. Basically, this helps your website be more “searchable” so it can drive traffic. So you are not just blogging for nothing.  I actually wish I had known this sooner. I just started using it this August 2017.

4.Google Fonts

This is also a wordpress plugin. I want my blog to be more personalized besides the layout and I want my fonts not so usual. I use two types of google fonts which are Amatic SC and Shadows Into Light Two. There are a lot of fonts too choose from Google fonts. Very excellent for creative blogging. 🙂

5.Instagram Feed WD 

The more socialmedia network associated in your blog the more fun. You wanted you readers to be in the know and this is one of the ways you can reach out to them.

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6.Social Media Widget

This is located on the top portion of my blog’s sidebar. This is where blog visitors easily navigate through my social media account. The photo below is not what I exactly have but it pretty much describes it.

7.Photo editing apps

If I’m working on a desktop or laptop, I only used Microsoft Powerpoint (very basic!). I also know how to use adobe photoshop but powerpoint really does it for me. Like I can create an infograph and my blog’s featured image instantly. For my iPhone I use Picsart (I blogged about it here) for creating featured image and photo quotes that I upload on my instagram. Also, I use VSCO for editing my photos. It just gives more life and color to the photos and I highly recommend these apps.


8.Nuffnang (blogging platform)

Nuffnang is a blog advertising company popular in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Manila, Beijing, Bangkok and London. It is an advertising platform for blogging. Based on the blogger’s popularity, audience and hits which are tracked by their own web analytics, Nuffnang sign up bloggers and plan out an integrated social media advertising campaign. And so far from the last year I started I gained 36 cents from a campaign of Mango FW December 2016. I wish I really could’ve been more active back then.

9.Social Media

I also created a Facebook Page (Like it here) to promote my blog there. Recently I’ve been active in Pinterest and created new boards including a special board for my blog. I read recently that Pinterest is a good tool to promote your content. Another one is Twitter. I have had it for the longest time I can remember. But I just started using it again to promote my blog. I’m also on Google+. However, I don’t get the gist of how it works because I’m not seeing a reference from Google+ on my blog report. The most common websites that lead traffic to my website as of the moment is Facebook (that’s number 1), Pinterest, Twitter and StumbleUpon. It’s odd that I cannot find Instagram on the reports.

10.Google Adsense

I’ve been waiting for a long time to be approved by google ads which turned out that I’m the one who has a problem. I didn’t paste the code given to me by google properly on my editor page in wordpress. As of this writing I have gained USD $0.12. I need to work work work on it.

So those are a few of the tools I’m using for my blog. I haven’t included all the plugins that I use here on wordpress. Just the major ones. What I think I’m still missing is email marketing. Perhaps I can do a touchbase on that some other time. My focus now is to publish a good content, drive more traffic and monetize my blog. Are you also into blogging? Let me know in the comments section below, and you can also contact me here, and let me know what posts you would love to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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