86 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty And Lifestyle Blog - By NadineAmanduh

86 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty And Lifestyle Blog

I am seriously running out of what blog topic to post on my blog. I notice that in the past few weeks I’ve been posting a lot and as of this writing I was able to write 13 cornerstone contents out of 101 blog posts. Yay!  That’s actually in the span of a year and 2 months. I was inactive  for a few months coz I kinda lost the drive.  I just find everything about blogging totally complicated (err well until now actually). So I went from seeing things as complicated to seeing things as challenging when it comes to my blog.

Today I wanted to share blog post ideas for the beauty and lifestyle bloggers out there. I So if I am sharing 101 blog post ideas, then why did I say I am seriously running out of what blog topic to post here on my blog? Good question. It’s because per topic as much as possible I want to ensure its quality content. Not just meeting the Yoast SEO checklist and requirement of 300 words. In fact I have lots of ideas but not sure if I can make the most out of it.

86 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty And Lifestyle Blog - By NadineAmanduh

Read away on the blog post ideas that I recommend and what I have scoured from the internet (specifically on pinterest). WIll post this on pinterest too once I’m done.

Here are my 101 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty And Lifestyle Blog

1.Share your blogging tools

2.Dos and Don’ts for a blog

3.Share your blogging evolution

Like for example how you started blogging and what you’re writing about  before compare to what you are writing now

4.Discuss a life changing experience and how it impacted your life

5.”(#) reasons why I love _____________”

Could be your favorite band, restaurant, author, brand, and a lot more!

86 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers - By NadineAmanduh

6.Travel Bucket List

You can set a specific number (up to you). Discuss if you’ve already been on that place or if not, how are you planning to get there and when.

7.Share your favorite mobile phone apps (and how you cannot live without it lol)

8.”How I met my __________”

Could be your best friend, your pet, your partner or spouse. It’s also good to post this one if its their birthday and you are dedicating this specific blog post to them.

9.Share your hobbies

You can also create an artwork per hobby that you will share on this blog post

10.Write about the people you find inspirational (tip: include their famous quotes)

11.Share how you do your make up on weekdays and on weekends

12.Travel Essentials

86 Blog Post Ideas For Beauty And Lifestyle Blog - By NadineAmanduh

13.Favorite quotes from your favorite author or celebrity

I’ve recently posted mine: 15 Favorite Quotes From Paulo Coelho

14.Date night ideas (with your girls or with your partner)

15.Share your favorite items you’ve purchased 

16.Write about your favorite bloggers

17.Your Top TV shows

18.Gift ideas for ____________

Could be for your partner, a family member, your friends. Or specific occasions.

19.Keeping it cool in social media

Here’s a sample of my previous blog post: How To Stay Sane In Social Media

20.Your Go-To recipe

21.Talk about the last concert you’ve been to and your preparations for it

22.”Ways to chill on weekend”

23.Beauty hacks (include pics and videos)

24.Favorite bedroom designs

25.A Staycation Review

26.Must have clothing items for the working girl

27.Share your favorite makeup tricks

28.Write about how you maintain your hare (from shampoo to treatments and etc)

29.Discuss on how to amp up a morning routine

Here’s how I did mine: 5 cool ways to upgrade your morning routine

30.Share a special event

Like for example you attended a wedding. Share pictures, ideas and your thoughts on it. And of course your overall look on that day 🙂

31.Beauty brands that you can’t let go

32.Share what’s in your bag

33.Show off your makeup storage

35.Discuss on tips to become more organized

36.Round up your favorite food

37.”Foods that fight _________”

do your research and write about beneficial food. Food that fights cancer, stress, acne and etc

38.Favorite Style Icons

39.”(#) things you might not know about me”

I’ve done this one myself. Feel free to check it out: 31 Things You Might Not Know About Me

40.Your go-to hang out place with friends

41.Favorite books of all time

42.Talk about your favorite drink to relax

43.Personal tips on job interviews

44.Write something personal

could be an open letter. Your thoughts on certain things. Anything that you can share your feelings out there to the world

45.Share your collection

46.Discuss about lifestyle changes

47.Your tips in saving money

You can read mine: Smart and Sure Ways To Save Money

48.”A Step By Step Guide To Achieve ___________”

anything under the sun. Like achieving a makeup look, cleaning your bedroom, cooking for your family and etc.

49.Allow a guest post

Ask a fellow blogger to post his or her own content on your blog  or if you found a nice article, don’t forget to ask the owner if you can share it on your blog and give credit to the original author.

50.”(#) Habits that will make you ______”

51.”How To start your own __________”

52.(#) Awesome Activities to include in your next party

53.”How To Jumpstart your work week”

54.”(#) Bad Habits To Break TO Become ________”

55.Living A More Peaceful Life

56.Common Mistakes When You Do Your MakeUp

57. “Ultimate Guide To __________”

It could be actually anything. Like this article of mine for example: Ultimate Guide To Drybrushing

58.”Lessons Learned From My _________”

59.Reasons why you love your pet

60.Share how to get your makeup done in 15 minutes stat!

61.”(#) Questions to ask your self before __________”

this could be moving in with your partner, getting married, starting a business, buying an expensive stuff.

62.”Effective ways to _________”

Now this is very general. It can go from Effective ways to ‘remove pimples’, ‘relieve stress’, ‘save money’ and a lot more!

63.”Things that women in their (age) should know”

64.Share best places to buy ______

Could be shoes, clothing, food, accessories, kitchen utensils and etc

65.”Quickest way to deal with ______”

66.Write about narrowing down a guest list for your party

Best to have an infographic on this one

67.Blog about your style evolution

68.Share your favorite ebooks and excerpts of it

You can use this to promote your blog too by asking your readers to subscribe so they can receive a free copy.

69.”Why ______ is actually good for your health”

Research a beneficial food or drink that can be good for the health. Let readers know if you already tried it and when are you planning to try it

70.Write about different kinds of diets

Nowadays, people are really health conscious. Some would also follow a certain diet because of an existing disease. Bag a good content by doing your research well. People out there need to know that the word “diet” is not all about slimming down. (Wow, I think I should write about this one)

71.Share your best blog posts

72. Share your blog statistics

73.”(#) Habits Of Successful bloggers

74.Round about your workout play list and play list when you’re on your way to work

75.Write about your skin care routines

76.Discuss healthy eating habits

77.Make a short travel video clip during one of your staycations

78.Share ways on how to detoxify from social media

79.Tips for surviving the rainy days

80.Do a book review of one of your favorite novels

81.Celebrity focus

discuss your favorite celebrity. From short biographies, hobbies, and why you love this celebrity

82.Create a millenial survival guide

I’m actually in the process of making my first e-book entitled “A Millenial Moms Guide To Surviving The Week”. I hope this can increase my blog traffic lol

83.Share your artworks

If you have pinterest artworks, planner printables, banners and logos. It’s good to share it on your blog too. Don’t forget to include the apps you used and inspiration. Right now my favorite art apps are Canva, PicsArt, Font Candy, and VSCO. What’s yours? Please comment below 🙂

84.”How Not To Get Burned Out At Work”

85.Share a product review

86.Lastly, share your new years resolution — If you think this is so overrated, share your planned new year makeover instead

I hope today’s post gave you a jump-start on what to post next on your blog. Let me know what you think of this post by leaving your comments below, or you can contact me here, and let me know what else would you like to read on nadineamanduh.com. If you like this post please share it on your social media accounts. Thanks for reading! 😉

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