Benefits of Short Hair - By NadineAmanduh

Benefits of Short Hair

Why did I cut my hair short? Now on the blog I want to dish out benefits of having short hair and why it kinda (sort of) solved my major hair issue. And what is that major hair issue? Stay tuned.

I’ve always preferred longer hair especially during college days. I liked styling my hair, coloring it, and I just like my hair down because that is just how I like it. The longest I had my hair was at my hip level. Imagine how hard it is to dry a hair that long and thick! I remember I had it cut short twice during my college days and I really didn’t like it because I can’t think of a better way to style it. Perhaps I always look forward to styling it that’s why I kinda regret it before.

In the past two years I’ve preferred my hair between a little below shoulder level and a bit below the bra level. Plus, I trim my hair on my own. Thanks to youtube and my dad’s trusty scissors I can cut my hair properly. Recently, for the first time after the longest time, I had my legit hair cut in a salon. So why short hair? Keep on reading as I discuss great benefits of having short hair and what hair issue it solved for me.

Benefits Of Short Hair - By NadineAmanduh
Anne Hathaway’s is my hair inspo for my new hair cut. My hair kinda looks like this if not curled

Basic Benefits OF Short Hair

1.That breeze on your neck

2.Your hair dries a lot quicker than when it was long. This is a major relief for me because it’s so difficult to dry my hair when it was long and I also have thick hair that’s why. And most of all, you don’t need to blow dry because air dry and towel dry in front of the fan is enough. 💙


All those shampoos, conditioners and hair spa jars. Imagine how much of it you use when your hair is still long. Plus its easier to keep your crowning glory healthy because you get rid of the damage like split ends, it doesn’t tangle, you’re giving your hair a chance to rejuvenate. PLUS it’s easier for your hair treatments to spread and absorb the nutrients!


What Major Hair Issue Got Solved When I Cut My Hair Short

This major mane problem that I’ve been having for months now is…. Hair fall. My hair fall issue is just awful. A lot of people are telling me its because I colored my hair and I just gave birth. But I honestly believe that those are not the major reasons. I colored my hair January this year but my hair fall issues started sometime mid March this year. So the hair coloring doesn’t make any sense. Plus I don’t shampoo a lot coz that’s what I’ve been doing to keep my hair healthy. The just-gave birth factor, yes it’s a huge factor from what I’ve heard. But what my doctor advised me is to continued my prenatal vitamins (yes PREnatal) so I wouldn’t experience hair fall. THIS I believe is so true.

I stopped taking my vitamins and I’ve been in a lot of stress as a new mom (again) and a working mom. I stopped taking my vitamins sometime March and that’s when I noticed my hair fall.

SO what does the short hair have to do with it? The truth of the matter is, cutting the hair short doesn’t actively prevent hair fall. It does make the hair look thicker overall, because the nearer the strands of hair are to the roots, the thicker they are. Just a few days of having short hair, I noticed extra less hair fall. Right! The theory is, since hair is shorter it gets to absorb essential vitamins since the roots are closer to the tip.

Would you go for a short hair? Let me know what you think of this blog post on the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this blog on your social media if you liked this post. You can also contact me here, and let me know what else you like to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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