Beauty and the baby

In this section of my blog I will be sharing a few of my pregnancy milestones. I’ll be posting pre- baby pictures, FAQs. Anything pregnancy related actually. In this photo I am at my 15th week of pregnancy and as of this writing I am now on my 20th week. I hope I can keep up since I haven’t been blogging for a long long time. Wish me luck! 😉

The Baby Bump - Now at 22 weeks

22 Weeks

I am happy to announce that the baby bump is now at 22 weeks. From the past week I suffered 3 days of migraine. But so thankful I managed to survive without my usual high dose meds. It is not allowed for me because of the baby. I’ve been continuously taking 5 recommended vitamins prescribed by my doctor. And we’ve are looking forward to a happy and healthy baby. (Read more)

The Baby Bump - Now at 24 weeks

24 Weeks

Hi everyone! The baby on board is now at 24 weeks (6 months). So far I’ve been able to keep up with my daily activities but to be honest. It’s a bit difficult for me. I experience lower back pain more and more often. I can’t lie down on my back for a long time as it causes discomfort. The most relaxing position is lying on my left side. Yes it helps. (Read more)

The Baby Bump - Now at 26 weeks

26 Weeks

I am now getting closer to the middle of my second trimester. The baby is now on its 26th week! And I have to admit I’m really having a hard time with my second pregnancy. I easily get exhausted. I’m having difficulties lying on my back. My hip down to my feet ache easily. I’ve been reading on the internet that this stuff is really normal so I’m not that alarmed. I wanted to share with you guys the update that I get from (Read more)