My Baby Stuff Obsession Part 1

It’s really exciting if there’s a baby on its way. I’m now on my way to my 31st week of pregnancy. We’ve already bought some baby stuff. I already started packing my hospital bag but still missing a few things (Read here: What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag).

My Baby Stuff Obsession Part 1 - By NadineAmanduh

My dilemma at home is how am I going to have everything fit in my room and have everything organized. I’m not sure (yet) if I can have my room extended for some extra space. I already bought a cabinet for the baby and a smaller dresser to replace my current one. Going back. I would love to share some baby stuff that I’ve been obsessing recently. Can’t wait for our little bundle of joy to use them.

Diaper Backpack

Recently I bought this diaper bag online. Well I really don’t know why a lot of people are calling it diaper bag whereas it’s not mainly for diapers but for a lot of baby stuff. And I just love how convenient this bag looks like. Opted for a grey backpack instead. I don’t want it too dark like black or dark blue. And I think this still looks masculine and light in the eyes so I can easily see the pockets, stains or whatever. I don’t really prefer the usual shoulder bag type. I’m also considering the fact that I’m not the only one who’s going to carry the bag.

Basically, the bag has four pockets. One in the front, one at the back. And a pocket on each side where you can place feeding bottles. The front pocket has also 3 pockets for feeding bottle and another pockets in front of it. Inside the bag are moooore pockets. It came along with a small foldable changing sheet which is actually convenient.

I love this bag coz there’s just space for almost everything. I just haven’t packed the baby stuff there yet. Because I wanted to make sure its extra clean. I bought this baby-antibacterial spray (not in the photo) and perhaps I can use that for cleaning the bag. Especially on the inside. You can buy the bag here→ Fashion Mummy Maternity Nappy Diaper Bag.

Baby Onesies

My Baby Stuff Obsession Part 1 | By NadineAmanduh

I bought this set at the department store (socks not included in the set). I think it’s the most convenient clothing for babies. Just noticed that the bib show the numbers 2 and 5. And my due date is on a Christmas Eve (the 24th) which makes it possible that I might give birth on the 25th. Oh well who knows? I like the onesie that covers the arms down to the feet. It just looks so cozy. And I’m lovin’ the socks too. It has this mini stuffed toy head that has bells in it.

Bibs and Socks

My Baby Stuff Obsession Part 1 - By NadineAmanduh
These are the first sets of bib and socks that I bought. In colors light blue and white. The other bibs and socks that I bought are not yet on this photo but you’ll see them as time goes by. Bibs are convenient so you can easily wipe drools and vomit from the baby. And bibs come in a lot of style too nowadays. I think its beginning to be a fashion statement for babies. I also love these socks. During the time the baby can’t walk yet, it’s better to but them socks instead since its more comfortable.

I’ll be posting some of the baby stuff that I really like. Do you also have your baby stuff obsession? Let me know in the comments below or you can contact me here, and let me know what articles would you like to read here on my blog. Thanks for reading! 😉

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