Baby Shower Photos By NadineAmanduh

Our Baby Shower (and my post Birthday) Photos

Last Saturday we held our baby shower (plus my post birthday) at Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center in Pasig City. We our families attend the event, Jeff’s parents, brother and niece. As for me, my dad and my daughter. We invited a total of 25 guests. Unfortunately, only 2 of my invited guests (from my side) arrived. My college friend Joan with her plus one and Tina my cousin along with 2 of her cousins. So make that 5. Jeff’s friends along with their girlfriend are all present! Thank you guys!

Baby Shower Photos By NadineAmanduh

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Photos From My Post Birthday And Baby Shower Photos From My Post Birthday And Baby Shower

I have this portion in the hotel room where I displayed the vanilla cheesecake cupcakes, chocolate mousse cake (from Mischca♥), souvenirs, and chocolates that I placed on cupcake linings. Though I haven’t taken a photo of the white balloons with the rain drops though. I like how the room is lit. It’s not too bright.

Photos From My Post Birthday And Baby Shower  Photos From My Post Birthday And Baby Shower

The Guests at our baby shower

Too bad we both forgot to take photos along with our family. It was very busy during that event. We did not include games but we had movies playing on the TV. We had Spaghetti cooked by Jeff’s Mom (and him. Because he insisted that he also cooked. Oh well), Pizza: Chicken & Cheese and Hawaiian, Buffalo wings, Pork barbecue, California Maki, Doughnuts, and drinks: Lemonade & Coke. And liquor too! Care off the baby daddy.

Our simple baby shower souvenir

Our Baby Shower (and my post Birthday) PhotosSo we had this Thank you card pasted in front of a regular brown paper bag. Inside is a small zip-locked  plastic with caramel pop corn and a chamomile tea bag. I personally created the thank you cards and labels.

Thank you to those who came!!!

Our Baby Shower (and my post Birthday) Photos

Been planning this baby shower for a month and I’m (WE are) VERY thankful for everyone who attended! ♥ Thank you for the food and your gifts. This means a lot to us. I’m very thankful to the baby daddy for all the help at the beginning, this wouldn’t be possible without your help. Also sharing the official hashtag:
yes its a boy!

What do you think of our mini baby shower. Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog! Don’t forget to like my facebook page: nadineamanduhblog. Thanks for reading! 😉


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