New Baby Checklist: Must-Haves For Preparing Parents

I’ve been scouring different websites on the internet for baby stuff. And I was able to summarize the lists that I got from all of them. It’s a lot but I believe it’s very necessary for the baby.

New Baby Checklist: Must-Haves For Preparing Parents | By NadineAmanduh

This will be my second baby so I just want to be more prepared. I’ve been reading baby stuff on the internet and I want to share this blog especially to those budding moms out there. So here are the list of  items plus tips.

Baby Essentials Checklist- By NadineAmanduh

Baby Clothing

• Newborn Onesies
• Mittens
• Booties
• Bonnet
• Shorts
• Pajamas
• Tied Shirt
• Long Sleeved Shirt
• Sweater
• Bibs
• Burp Towel
• Newborn Diapers

New Baby Checklist: Must-Haves For Preparing Parents - Baby Clothing
You should have at least 6 pieces (pairs for mittens and booties) of each to prevent from doing the baby’s laundry several times.


• 4 oz Feeding Bottles
• 8 oz Feeding Bottles
• Bottle Cleaning Brush
• Feeding Bottle Storage
• Milk Storage
• Pacifier
• Dishwasher Container
• Food Container
• Silicone Spoon

New Baby Checklist: Must-Haves For Preparing Parents - Feeding

The number of feeding items really depends on you. When it comes to feeding bottles its better to at least invest with good quality ones. Assign feeding bottles to use at home and for going out.

Baby Bath Essentials

• Bath Tub
• Liquid Soap
• Shampoo
• Hooded Towels
• Hairbrush
• Lotion

New Baby Checklist: Must-Haves For Preparing Parents - Bath Essentials

Bath time should always be fun! Relax and play with the baby a little before you begin. TIP: Ensure that the water should be around body temperature. Practical way is to test with the underside of your wrist. To be specific, it should be at 32-35 degrees C/90-95 degrees F. Bath should be quick and do not rub him with a towel to dry him off but pat gently instead.


• Crib
• Crib Sheets
• Musical Mobile for Crib
• Mattress Pads for Crib
• Bassinet
• Light Blankets
• Heavy Blankets
• Pillow

New Baby Checklist: Must-Haves For Preparing Parents - Sleeping Essentials
Dreamfeed is the feeding given to the baby right before you go to bed, and it helps prevent the him/her from waking up. TIP: Develop a routine for your baby in order for him or her to easily adjust their night sleep and midday nap.

Travel And Others

• Stroller
• Carrier
• Plush Toy
• Diaper Bag
• Changing Pads
• Wipes

When traveling, always sit next to your baby. You are his home and will always look for you. Make sure you always have extra clothing and diapers during travel. And don’t forget to include your his favorite toy to keep him preoccupied.

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