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1471671552663This blog is dedicated to all beauty enthusiast out there. If you’re into skin care, hair care, makeup, or anything that has to do with beauty, you’ll definitely going to love it here. On this online destination you can read and learn more about skin care products, makeup products and tutorials, and beauty tips that you can use in your daily lives. There are also stuff that are good to know in case of beauty emergencies. This is where you can also share with your friends random reviews or beauty stuff that you can recommend to all beauty enthusiasts out there.

About Nadine Amanda

Born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines. Single mom to Mischca and to Bailey (her cat). Currently working as a Customer Insight Consultant in the BPO industry and blogging after work or any spare time within the day.

In August 2016, she took blogging in a more sophisticated and professional level from blogging anything-under-the-sun stuff during high school. The focus of the blog is more about beauty and perhaps inserting a bit of lifestyle.Taking one step at a time in the blogging industry.