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About Me - nadineamanduh

Hey! I’m Nadine. I curate topics for beauty and lifestyle and design graphics too. I started this website as a beauty blog way-back August 2016. I realized its kind of hard to keep an active beauty blog only and I know I have a lot to share more than that. So officially this is now a beauty and lifestyle blog. This blog is intended mostly for women (and women at heart 🙂 ). Besides beauty stuff, I wanted to share more of the lifestyle side. Like ideas, self-improvement, travel, food, blogging knowledge, about work, and a lot more. I also wanted to interact and help people through my blog.

I want my blogging style to be simple and sophisticated, not too professional, not too funny. My goal is I want readers out there to learn something from my blog,  encourage them  through my content, and interact with me and other readers too.  What readers can get out from my blog are a lot of ideas from beauty and lifestyle. I also like sharing my blog graphics and a lot more. In the future, I want to be able to make e-books and guides for readers out there. R

I am born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines. Mom to Mischca, Bailey (the cat) and one more bundle of joy on the way. Currently working as an Administrative Assistant in the BPO industry. I’ve been enthused of blogging since high school (blogspot days lol) and I don’t want to see it as a plain hobby and creative outlet, but I want to do it somehow professionally. I (honestly think) have innate creative skills in almost everything like drawing and painting. Since technology have been very fast paced, you can add up graphic designing (with any possible tools you can. I am now addicted to Canva and been a loyal user of PicsArt and VSCO). I want to do some video editing too. 😉


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Let me know what else do I need to put here on my website. I appreciate your constructive criticism and feedback. I’m also open for collaborations. Please contact me here. 😉


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