A Tribute To My First MakeUp Vlog

A Tribute To My First MakeUp Vlog

It’s been awhile since I have made a makeup vlog. I have posted here a video of my first ever MakeUp vlog. This is not a complete tutorial. I just wanted to show everyone how I did my makeup for an event that I have to attend that night. Then I just realized. It is so hard to be a makeup artist. Kudos to all makeup artist out there. I know they spend tons of money, time and effort. Honestly, I think being a makeup artist is a luxurious profession. Even if you are not a professional makeup artist, it takes tons of money. Prices of high quality makeups and makeup brushes is no joke. So here’s A Tribute To My First MakeUp Vlog.

My First MakeUp Vlog

But I’m not here to blog about how difficult it is to be a makeup artist or how expensive its is to purchase makeup. I just simply wanted to share hwo I did my makeup. It;s something I enjoy doing. I like doing my makeup in all occasions. Even if I’m just going to work. I rarely go out without makeup. So on this short makeup vlog I wanted to show how I did my makeup. (watch it on youtube here)

Makeup used

I have listed on this vlog what I’ve used from my moisturizer to the makeup: foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and etc.

♥ Pond’s Age Miracle Night Cream
♥ Maybelline concealer stick
♥ ELF 2-way Face Powder Foundation
♥ LA Girl Nude Palette
♥ BYS Matte Eye Shadow Palette
♥ Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara
♥ Victoria’s Secret Shell Pink eye shadow
♥ Fashion 21 Brown Eye liner
♥ Jordana Matte Lipstick in Dark Red

Prepping my face

First started of with a clean face. I even rubbed ice cube all over my face as they say it kind of helps tightening the pores. Moisturized my face and neck with Pond’s Age Miracle Night Cream. I like its consistency and how it feels on my face. Then I started applying strokes of Maybelline concealer stick on my nose, under my eyes, forehead, and cheeks. I just blended it with my bare hands. Nothing really special. Then set it with ELF 2-way Face Powder Foundation.  I like using a soft kabuki brush when applying powder onto my face.

Enhancing the eyes

I’m not using any primer on my eye lids. Just the concealer and powder will do. I love using my LA Girl Nude Palette.  It’s cheap for a good quality makeup (eye shadow) palette and it doesn’t smudge easily. I used a nude pink shade on my eye lids and used a light glittery pink on the middle of the eye lids. Followed by using BYS Matte Eye Shadow Palette. I wet the tip of my small-flat eye shadow brush before dabbing it into the black eye shadow. I used it to line my eyes. On this vlog I did not line the bottom lash line. Then applied Maybelline Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara. I like brushing and curling my eye lashes a lot since I don’t have a naturally long and curly lashes.

Also, I like applying mascara on the bottom lash line to give it more definition and open up the eyes. I put a little Victoria’s Secret Shell Pink eye shadow in the inner corner of my eyes too. Some makeup artist swears it gives you a look that you had enough sleep by highlighting the inner corner of your eyes.

Eye brows

For the eye brows I am using a local brand called Fashion 21. I usually apply eye shadow for my eye brows  but if I wanted a more defined look, I opt to using a brown eye liner instead to have that defined and a bit of waxy effect.


Because contour is life. Hate that I wasn’t able to include that on the video. I remember that I ran out of memory on my iPhone while filming this and I am in a  hurry for my event. I used the brown shades from my LA Girl Nude Palette  to contour my nose and slightly on the cheeks.  As you can see, I did not use any blush on this video. I preferably do that if my eyes and lips are too defined.

Lastly the lipstick

On this vlog it did not show how I applied my lipstick. I did not use a lip liner. What I did is i just tracked my lips with the tip of the Jordana Dark Red lipstick before I apply it all over. I love how matte this lipstick is and it smells like doughnut. I always apply lipstick last. Just in case I wanted to eat while doing my make up and if I need to brush my teeth.

Here’s the finished look

A Tribute To My First MakeUp Vlog

And there’s how I do my make up! What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments below or contact me here, and be sure to leave your requests for any posts you’d like to read here on my blog too! Thanks for reading! 😉


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