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5 Makeup Tips To Attain Perfect Dewy Look In Winter

Winter is not a fun weather for your skin, the cold weather and low humidity makes your skin dry but it also takes away all the moisture from your skin. Applying makeup to such skin causes breakouts and flaky look.

5 MakeUp Tips To Attain Perfect Dewy Look In Winter - NadineAmanduh

However, we have come up with few tips that can help you achieve the glowy skin of your dream. So without wasting time let’s get started.


Ideally, your skin cells naturally have a lifecycle of 28 days. But the dry, cold and harsh wind of winter dries your skin soon and makes it flaky.

Therefore before starting your makeup routine just go for exfoliation. Take a mild menial based exfoliator and start exfoliation. Exfoliation will remove dirt, excessive oil, and dead skin from your face and it will also minimize your pores.

While exfoliating gives more attention to outer corners of your nose this is the area which requires exfoliation most.

Winter Makeup Tip- MOISTURIZE

The second step is to moisturize your skin. Moisturizing your skin is a part of daily skin regime in winters still there is a need of moisturizing your skin before applying makeup to it.

There are various options available like lotions, primers and facial serums. Before moisturizing your skin with any other moisturizer apply serum. Few of them are water based while others include lubricants like nut oil or seed oils.

The use of serum helps to avoid escape of water from your skin and keep it hydrated. Serums with vitamin C and D also work as anti-aging agents.

After applying serum go for a good moisturizer now.
Tip: You can also use tea tree oil to moisturize you face, it can protect skin breakouts with its antiseptic properties.

Right Foundation

As mentioned prior that the changing environment cause changes to your skin. May the foundation you were using in summer days may not work same for fall. Considering different weather and different skin types, makeup manufacturers produce a wide variety of products to choose from.

Therefore, to attain dewy fresh look in winter you must choose a foundation specially designed for this purpose. Ideally moisture packed foundations work best.

Use a concealer and Translucent Powder:
Use an under eye concealer. An under eye concealer is a concealer with thick consistency. It peachy and pink undertones allow it to complement every skin tone. Use it under your eyes. But if you have any skin blemishes go for a regular concealer.

After concealing, use translucent powder to keep your makeup in place. Less is more for everyone use sufficient amount of powder, do not bake your makeup.

Add Some Glow:

Last but not least use a bronzer palette or pick a highlighter to add some glow to your face.

Apply highlighter on your nose to sculpt it plus to make it glimmering. Apply on your cupids and cheek bones.

After this you can use a dewy stick on your face for enhancing the dewiness of your look.

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5 Makeup Tips To Attain Perfect Dewy Look In Winter - Author Bio
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