5 Bags For Women Who Carry Almost Everything - By NadineAmanduh

5 Bags For Women Who Carry Almost Everything

Before, I used to love small bags. I love bringing them to almost everywhere; to work, night outs, luncheons, and etc. But recently I feel like It’s just not enough. I’ve found myself being fond of bringing big bags. Sometimes I even have a small handbag where I put my wallet, coin purse, makeup and charger. PLUS, another big bag that has extra clothes, makeup, wipes, lotion, and etc. Insane!

Bag 101: 5 Bags For Women Who Carry Almost Everything - By NadineAmanduh

So on today’s blog I have researched some bags for us who feel naked without a big bag with all of our stuff. I wanted to keep it simple and classy and that you can bring anywhere and in different occasions too. You may be sometimes under-dressed but if you have the right bag, it suddenly amplifies your style. I’ve made sure too have classified the type of bags so you’ll know what exactly to look for. Read away 🙂


Bags 101

A Tote Bag

Tote bags are usually in an inverted trapezoid in shape and usually with no zippers.  A little history,the tote bag trend began in the United States in the 1940s with the release of L.L. Bean’s Boat Bag in 1944. Because mostly find it easier than carrying luggage, and a lot of people opt in using a tote bag.  Nowadays, some tote bags have zipper on them or a magnetic button. As for me, I’m not too much into bags that  is unfastened.

A Doctor’s Bag

I remember this doctor’s  bag being on trend when I was in late high school or early college. during the early days, Doctor’s bag or physician’s bag is generally known as a handy bag used by a doctor or other medical pros to transport medical supplies, like medicine. But NOW, they made it a bag trend. The doctor’s bag is parallel and rounded on all edges. But nowadays they kinda modified the style and it comes in different shapes. Sometimes you can’t even tell if it’s a doctor’s bag. But still, the purpose is carrying most of your stuff.

A Bucket Bag

From the word itself is shaped like a bucket. It usually stands vertically and has a long strap and strings to close the bag. I personally think that this is good if you have tall items to bring in your bag. According to early history, the Bucket Bag craze started way back 1900s. It initially looks as a simple drawstring pouch (reticule as they call it back then).

A Backpack

Nowadays backpack are too stylish. Before you can imagine when you hear the word backpack is that it’s meant for going to school or camping. Today, they upgraded the backpack game. During ancient times, backpack was used to transport the hunter’s larger types of prey and as a way of easier transport for other supplies. They were also easy to bring and made of cloths.

A Big Handbag

I love big handbags! Especially if it’s formed and there’s so much room for my stuff. You can easily throw your stuff in it. But I personally want my handbag organized. Read my blog: How To Pack Your Handbag The Right Way. I remember when I was in elementary, my mom and relatives usually bring small to medium-sized handbags on some occasions. But now, big (especially the leather ones) handbags are just so cool that you can bring it in any occasions.

That’s all for today! What’s your favorite bag? I would like to know by leaving it on the comments section below. or you can contact me here, and let me know what other posts you would love to read on my blog. If you liked this post, please share it through the social media buttons below. Thanks for reading! 😉

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