40 Lifestyle Changes For A Better Living - By NadineAmanduh

40 Lifestyle Changes For A Better Living

On today’s blog I’m sharing simple and overlooked ways to improve your lifestyle. I’m a believer of small actions still matter and it should bring you your best behavior and a more improved lifestyle. Drafting this blog while I’m still lazily lying on my bed on a Sunday morning.

40 Lifestyle Changes For A Better Living - By NadineAmanduh

1.Start a morning ritual that you’ll look forward to everyday.

2.Be KIND. Always.

3.Wake up early. Even on weekends.

4.Try doing something nice for others.

5.Take extra care of yourself.

6.Do not complain. Especially on those things that are out of your control.


7.NEVER send messages or call whenever you’re mad.

8.Don’t ever waste time crying over your past.

9.Let go of your need to perfect everything.

10.Eat slowly and appreciate your meal.

11.Keep track of your goals not only in your mind by also writing it down.

12.Don’t skip breakfast. This will stop unnecessary cravings during the day.

13.Try new things (even if scares you). That’s how you grow.

14.Be more mindful of your actions. Think before you act.

15.Reconcile personally with those you have done wrong.

16.Always say “Thank you” and mean it.

17.Criticize less. You’re not a born critic anyway.

18.Slow down and be present at the moment.

19.Don’t compare yourself to others.

20.Organize and declutter your closet. There are clothes there that you rarely wear that others might need more.

21.Catch up with longtime friends.

22.Empty your work bag every time you get home.

23.Practice being early in everything.

24.Practice positive thinking.

25.Buy healthy snacks when you do your grocery.

26.Empower other people.

27.Read REAL news.

28.Remove negative people in your life.

29.Get in touch with your parents. ALWAYS.

30.Enumerate your tasks everyday and identify what needs to be prioritized.

31.Spoil yourself once in a while.

32.Learn and be confident in saying “No”.

33.Worry less. Limit your worries for other people.

34.LIFESTYLE TIP: Value little acts of kindness.

35.Upgrade your water drinking game. If you drink about 1-2 liters in a day. Make it 3 to 5.

36.Incorporate at least 15 minute workout everyday.

37.Another lifeststyle change: Learn to clean up after you eat.

38.Veer away from social media every once in a while.

39.Organize all your paper works or documents at home in an envelope or folder. Label them.

40.Express your honesty to other people (in a nice way)

I have included a VERY helpful personal worksheet that you can use on a daily or weekly basis. Depending on you 🙂 You can have this posted on your fridge or include it in your planner. You can download that here: Lifestyle Changes For A Better Living Worksheet

Let’s not disregard small positive changes. The more we practice them, our lifestyle gets better and happier. Please leave your comments below and share this blog if you liked this article. You can contact me here too, and let me know what posts would you like to read on my blog. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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