32 THINGS ABOUT ME (Because it’s that time of the year again)

32 THINGS ABOUT ME (Because it’s that time of the year again)

It’s been my blogging tradition to do a post about me whenever it’s my birthday. So welcome to my 32 Things About Me blog post! 🙂 For bloggers out there, you guys can use these questions for your blog posts and don’t forget to taf me 😉

So let’s begin…

1.What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Dark chocolate mint

2.What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

I recall my nursery classmate took my food from me so I bit him. Then he told our teacher that I bit him then my teacher got mad at me and kept asking why I bit my classmate? THEN, she asked me to bite her. So I bit my teacher on her arm!😆😆😆 I just followed what she told me to do LOL The next thing I know I’m not attending that school anymore.

3.Who’s your style icon?

Miranda Kerr… Wait wait! I have to say Blake Lively. Miranda Kerr is my all time favorite model but not a style icon.

Blake Lively - 32 THINGS ABOUT ME (Because it’s that time of the year again) - By NadineAmanduh

4.Who is your kindest close friend?

Kindest?! Case to case basis LOL

5.Who is your celebrity crush?


6.If you could shop for free at one store, which would you choose?

Hmmm, I can’t say Nordstrom or Target coz I’ve never been out of the country LOL I’m going to be practical and say SM department store. Coz they’ve got it all! From jewelries, clothing, to kitchen ware.

7.Who would play you you in a movie about your life?

Arci Muñoz or Liza Soberano. 😆 Coz why not?!

8.What’s your pet peeve?

There’s a lot! But the one that came across my mind now is ——— Those people who smoke cigarettes (or even e-cigarettes) while walking. I really REALLY hate that.

9.Coffee or tea?

Coffee♥️ Tall ICED White Mocha with Whip and Chocolate drizzle


10.Cookies, Cakes or doughnuts?

Ugh! This is difficult! I’m not into sweets right now 🤪 But it will be cookies and cakes!  I eat doughnuts but I’m not really a doughnut person.

11.Did you ever participate in a talent show?

Waaaah! I don’t wanna recall. I did a song number. It’s Linger by The Cranberries. This was sometime year 2011. I’m really not into pageants. 😖

12.What’s the last cartoon/animè you’ve watched?

I watched and finished 2 series of きみにととけ (Kimi ni todoke which translates From me to you). It’s a really cute Japanese Romantic Comedy. They even made a movie adaptation of it.

13.How tall are you?

163.9 cm. Or 5’4”LBD: 5 Reasons Why I Love A Little Black Dress | By NadineAmanduh

14.If money were no object, what would you get for your birthday?

A mansion, a car and a business

15.What movie have you watched repeatedly?

A Walk To Remember ♥️

16.What’s the most expensive item of clothing that you own?

Uhm… I don’t buy luxury branded clothing. But I do splurge on skirts.

Skirts - 32 THINGS ABOUT ME (Because it’s that time of the year again) -By NadineAmanduh

17.What’s your current obsession?

My baby boysss (Yes we use plural form here.  The plural form is in reference to his fatty folds LOL)

18.What is your secret favorite color?

Light Pink. But I’ll always be a light turquoise or light blue girl.

19.What’s your favorite food?

I have a lot of favorite food! It’s usually Italian and Japanese. Like pizzas and pastas. Ramen, Sushi, sashimi and tempura. #FoodIsLife

20.Who is your favorite fictional character?

Dennis from Ghost Fighter hahaha!

21.Top 5 favorite apps?

Instagram, VSCO, Canva, PicsArt, and DuoLingo! I’m into continuing to learn Japanese right now.

22.Heels vs Flats?


Shoes - 32 THINGS ABOUT ME (Because it’s that time of the year again) -By NadineAmanduh

23.Hatest household chore?

Washing the dishes. 🤫

24.Coffee Shop vs Resto Bar?

Coffee shop? Maybe resto bar LOL depends on the food

24.Ambitions for the future?

I wanna be rich!!! 😆

25.How old are you now?


26.Name your friends using the letters of your first name?


A- Adrian

D- Diane



E- Erika…

I really can’t think of a friend with a name that starts with an I nor an N…

27.Guilty pleasure?

Food! It’s always food! Even though I’m already tight on the budget, and I have food cravings that I really want, I can’t help but buy!🤣

28.Favorite Band/s?

A lot! I listen to something as old as The Beatles, Chicago. Guns N Roses, Bon jovi, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Plus Incubus, Switchfoot, Fall Out Boy, and a lot more.


29.Starring on a reality show or Modeling?


30.What are the name of your kids and their meaning behind it?

My Eldest is Mischca (12 years old). It’s a russian name originated from “Misha” which means God-like. My youngest (8months old) is Alestair Jian. Alestair came originally “Alistair” which is Greek that means defender of mankind. And Jian (健) is Chinese in origin which means strong and healthy.

Kids - 32 THINGS ABOUT ME (Because it’s that time of the year again) -By NadineAmanduh


31.If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

I really wanted something unisex for me. Like I can go from Sam (from Samantha or Samuelle), Alex (from Alexandra), or Spencer. I remember my mom told me she’s supposed to name me Samantha Elise. I wish she really had pushed it! LOL

32.What has required the most courage of you in your life so far?

I would say the time that I gave birth to my son last year through C-section. I was really expecting a normal delivery because that’s what I had when I gave birth to my eldest. And I was due on a Christmas Eve. Unexpectedly I started having contractions on 17th of December and I am just not really ready. It was around 2:00 AM of December 18 wen I got to the hospital and my doctor wouldn’t want to risk normal delivery because the baby is on breach. And so there… They have to cut me ( I still cringe). The baby is on a double cord coil around his neck. Thank God we chose to have C-section.

So there you have it! If you’r’e blogging, you can use these questions for your blog too and don’t forget to tag me 🙂 I’m very thankful for the past 32 years and am looking forward for more years to come. Thanks for reading!💋

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